3 tips to enjoy your golden years

What Everyone Ought to Know About Healthcare Planning for the Golden Years

3 tips to enjoy your golden yearsYesterday was your fortieth birthday. You got up this morning with a throbbing headache, reached for the pain reliever and tried to read the instructions. The print was so small you could not see it much less read it! What happened? Congratulations on experiencing your first symptom of Old Age! Yes…it is a bummer! You stop off at the drug store hoping no one will see you purchase that pair of reading glasses. You get the picture…

Changes in your vision usually represent the first outward sign that our bodies are changing and heading into old age. Everybody knows the signs, vision loss, graying hair, muscle tone slipping away, age spots appearing out of nowhere on the skin! These are outward signs that something is happening on the inside of our bodies. Although it is not pleasant to contemplate, now is the time to take a really good look at our lifestyle and make changes that will keep us healthy for the remainder of our lives!

When the outward signs of aging begin to appear it means that inward changes are taking place as well. Changes that cannot be seen  are working on the inside weakening your body. You must be proactive in educating yourself about these changes and take action now if you intend to remain healthy into your Golden Years!

Some very serious health issues can be managed with a plan and an eye to the future. As we age our immune system loses its ability to fight off disease. Calcium depletion is the culprit causing most joint pain that may eventually lead to arthritis and loss of bone density. As your body slows down you will experience loss of muscle tone as well.

Right now you need to sit down and plan for your healthy future! Most of these problems can be diminished with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Review your health and find out what types of food you should eat to strengthen your weak areas. Start and maintain a regular exercise program. Make up your mind to stay with it! Your metabolism slows down as you age and before you know it you add a few pounds here and there. The only remedy is portion control, healthy diet and exercise. Don’t waste your time looking for a fad diet that will work a miracle cure! It is not out there!

There is no guarantee that you will not contract a serious disease such as cancer or heart disease, but you can take precautions. Obesity has become a serious factor in heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Choosing a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and exercising regularly is the first line of defense against these diseases.

The cost of healthcare goes up every day but there is a way to keep it under control. Your health is your most valuable posession.  Make healthy lifestyle choices and get regular checkups with your primary care physician. Ladies, keep your Well Woman visits and get those mammograms! Your physician may recommend a baseline colonoscopy if you are at high risk for colon cancer. Choose to be proactive and follow through on changes suggested by your physician. You will be healthy longer and keep costs down as you enter your golden years.


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