United Kingdom Now Treats Chronic Migraines with Botox


The first world wide licensing of Botox ®, as the very first preventative treatments to obtain a specific license for patients with chronic migraine. Allergan had made the announcement that Botox ® was issued a license by MHRA in the United Kingdom for treating headaches in adult patients who have chronic migraines at a minimum of 15 days out of the month and have a duration of at least eight days.

Chronic migraines are able to turn into a debilitating disorder and become very costly. Chronic migraines place a overwhelming burden on the lives of 700,000 persons in the United Kingdom that languish from the condition, along with the impact it has on their families. Patients who are in agony from chronic migraines most often visit emergency rooms, general physicians or specialized care physicians as opposed to patients who have chronic migraines less often. Chronic migraines are different than other migraines, however, 80% of persons having chronic migraines may not even be diagnosed with the condition. Past treatments for chronic migraines had been over the counter or prescribed medications such as triptans.

Dr. Scott Whitcup, Allergan’s Executive Vice President, Research and Development and Chief Scientific Officer stated that there is an unfulfilled demand for adequate and acceptable treatments expressly created and researched for the prevention of headaches in chronic migraines. Botox ® authorization represents progress in medical care for stopping headaches in adult chronic migraines. It is also a compelling achievement regarding the history of Botox ® and Allergan is pleased to lead new treatments in the field of neurology through their neuroscience research program.

The PREEMT (Phase 111 Research Evaluating Migraine Prophylaxis Therapy) was one of the largest clinical trail programs in migraines. The most unfavorable reactions reported in the trials were from mild to moderate and settled without any more issues.

Professor Peter Goadsby of the UCL Institute of Neurology in London and the University of California in San Francisco, remarked that this was a valuable stride forward in managing chronic migraine, and positively give added awareness to this conceivably disabling condition. Botox ® treatments have proved to lessen the amounts of headache/migraine, this can give vital advantages to patients. Patients that have habitual chronic migraines, had for a long time needed evidence based advancements. This announcement provides them with another approach, giving them a genuine advance.

Botox ® is the only prescription that has small amounts of purified botulinum toxic protein which is refined from bacterium Colostridum botulinum.

In the United Kingdom Botox ® has also been signified for the treatment of:

uncontrollable eyelids blinking
random unconscious twitching of facial muscles on one side of face
cervical dystonia a condition of muscles which inflict the neck making it hard to hold head upright
excessive sweating of arm pits
cerebral palsy
wrist and hand disability linked to strokes in adults

It is estimated that there are about 45 million persons in the United States that suffer from chronic migraine headaches. Migraine headaches are headaches that occur fifteen days out of the month or more, or eight or more days per month, and lasts for at least three months.

Associated with chronic migraine headaches are at least two of the four symptoms:

Occurs only on one side of your head
Feel pulsating pain
Pain is moderate to severe
Become worse with physical activity routines

Also one of the following is experienced:

Nausea or vomiting or both
Sensitive to light and sound

Triptan medications are usually prescribed such as Imitrex.

For a lot of persons in the United States alternative treatments provide immense relief. Some of the alternative treatments are listed below:


In 2008 a case study on spinal manipulation and chronic migraine headache was conducted. The conclusion indicate that patients receiving chiropractic spinal manipulative treatments reactions are positive. Frequency rate of migraines, vomiting and nausea have been known to be eliminated in patients after treatments. It is suggested that patients that do not react well to prescribed medications or wish to try alternative methods give chiropractic treatments a try.


Acupuncture has been studied as a migraine treatment for over twenty years. Even though all studies conducted do not demonstrate a benefit to the treatment, researchers do agree is totally safe and does benefit some patients. In a 2003 study acupuncture proved just as effective as in comparison to Imitrex.


The effectiveness of massage therapy was investigated and printed in the American Journal of Public Health in 2002. The conclusion showed that certain massage therapies can reduce chronic tension headaches, such as Swedish massage.

Added Information:

In April 2010 a public health warning was issued for Botox ® stating the injection may spread from the site of injection and cause symptoms of botulism, which include severe life threatening difficulty in breathing and swallowing. Persons developing difficulty in swallowing during being treated with this medication can continue having problems for weeks. A feeding tube may be needed in order to avoid food and drink getting into lungs.


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