Taking the Flame Out of Arthritis Inflammation: Learn More about Joint Diseases

Medication plays a huge part in reducing the physical pain associated with arthritis but does very little for the emotional and social impacts of the disease. Formal physical therapy may be ordered for certain cases but people with arthritis are told that some level of physical activity is needed to maintain mobility and flexibility.

Arthritis and Inflammation

To live pro-actively with any of the many forms of arthritis inflammation, an individual needs to take certain steps to empower himself and manage the quality of his life. Taking the burning flame out of the physical, emotional, and social aspects of the disease is possible.

Once the symptomatic depression that accompanies all chronic pain situations is overcome, the changes get easier to implement and the benefits multiply.

The first thing needed, is a carefully defined description of the type of arthritis you have and what degree of inflammation you have. It is surprising how many people only have a partial understanding of where they are in the arthritis field of study. This information needs to come from your doctor. Tell him that you are preparing to “get active” in your recovery and need the information to help you make decisions on physical activities to participate in, and to what extent.

Discuss your present condition until you feel you have the full picture and will be able to make appropriate choices for yourself. This act alone will make a difference in the hopeless and helpless feeling many people experience around the limitations of their arthritis condition.

Next, locate the nearest heated swimming pool and find out the cost, availability and the details of any aqua classes being given. Buy a bathing suit. There isn’t a type of inflammation that does not benefit from time in warm water.

There’s More You can Do for Arthritis and Inflammation

Look for a social club for whatever activities you have determined you physically can participate in. Having a scheduled activity coupled with the notion of people expecting you to show up at places, increases the likelihood you will break out of the negative and isolated state of mind and being.

While sitting, shift your position often. Allow yourself to get up and move around no matter where you are. It is not rude to take care of yourself in this way.

Accept that arthritis inflammation ebbs and flows but do not let it immobilize you. Look for ways to stay active and engaged in life; you will feel better for it.


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