Healthcare Speakers

Healthcare is one of the most important topics in America today and healthcare speakers are more in demand than ever before. Whether you are seeking a healthcare speaker for your hospital, company insurance plan, conference or event, there are many ways to find the right healthcare speaker for your event. The process may require you …

Healthcare Real Estate Fund Structure

Healthcare Real Estate is basically any property hosting healthcare facilities. This includes complete range of services provider and their real estate needs. In brief it can be hospital real estate, pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, research center, clinics, laboratories facilities, and senior living , assisted living homes, home care, diagnostic, special zone and research center, clinics.


Healthcare Edi

In the healthcare industry, the submission of patient care information via electronic data interchange (EDI) has increasingly become the standard mode of operation. Every day, more and more payers, such as Medicare and Blue Cross/Blue Shield, utilize healthcare EDIs (electronic data interchanges) to process their claims. This makes it practically a necessity for doctors to …

Efficacy in the World of Missions: On Polychronic and Monochronic Concepts of Time

Monochronic vs Polychronic - EProjectConsult

While the world of missions can be one rife with challenges and complexities, understanding the disparities between monochronic and polychronic concepts of time can be integral to success when undertaking evangelical endeavors. Marked by the belief that time is an expendable commodity that must be used wisely, the monochronic view of time encompasses the notion …