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Healthcare MSDS compliance involves a wholly different set of criteria from construction or maritime MSDS compliance. If you own, manage, or even work for a doctor’s office, hospital, private clinic, or any other health care provider, it’s imperative that you understand your industry’s regulations. The venues listed above all use chemicals in their day-to-day operations that are unique to the health care business, whether they’re special cleaning and disposal solvents, forms of treatment, or any other common compound.

There are several benefits of coming into healthcare MSDS compliance with OSHA and JCAHO standards. One, your clinic or office will present itself as a safe and fully licensed provider of health care services, which will attract greater numbers of patients. Second, you’ll avoid stiff fines and penalties for non-compliance. Third, you’ll have a better yardstick by which to measure your group or agency’s performance. You can thus determine which areas need greater attention and which are okay in the eyes of the state.

Healthcare MSDS and JCAHO Compliance

Winning JCAHO accreditation is an important first step in measuring the relative success of your business. When a JCAHO surveyor assesses your office, he or she will be looking for a variety of benchmarks. One of the most important is an up-to-date and complete MSDS database with records that correspond to every known chemical in your plant.

Once you pass the accreditation process, your score is a report card for public consumption. Provided everything the surveyor sees is up to regulations, you can now offer your patients (and potential patients) every assurance that your licensure requirements have been met, your facility is clean and accessible, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re in good hands. Getting your healthcare MSDS database in shape is a small but important step in coming into full compliance.


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