Healthcare Management Systems

Healthcare management systems exist to facilitate the daily operations of a healthcare facility. A system can be selected based on the particular healthcare field or it can be chosen for its functionality. Systems are currently being used to manage everything from claims management, contract management, document management and practice management.

Types of Healthcare Management Systems

Claims management systems are used to administer the entire healthcare claims submission process. It begins with making sure all healthcare claims are generated in a federally compliant format. Once transmitted, the claims management system can then be used to track whether or not the claim was received, approved, or denied.

Contract management systems are typically used by healthcare facilities to organize the agreements that exist between they and their suppliers. These agreements are generally pre-negotiated in an effort to ascertain the best possible price. By keeping all the contracts in one central location, the facility is better able to track its spending and make sure they are constantly getting the best deal for their supplies.

Document management systems were developed to alleviate the healthcare facility from the mounds of paperwork they must keep up with. The facility must maintain everything from the patient’s medical records like medical history, laboratory results, or referral to specialist. And with increasing concerns about patient privacy, a secure document management system can be the ideal storage solution. Software that allows different levels of access, enables password usage, and tracks changes and viewings of records can provide multiple solutions at once.

Practice management systems (typically software based) focus on optimizing the overall workflow of a doctor or dentist’s office. It helps the medical professional better manage their practice by analyzing all its work processes. Then, by using the results of the analysis, the practice is able to develop a more efficient way of operating.


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