Healthcare Kiosks

Healthcare kiosks are a blessing to patients and their families. Hospitals and health clinics can be extremely confusing places. They can leave otherwise intelligent and independent adults confused in so many different ways, even simply about how to get to a specific part of the building.

One of the great things about self service kiosks is that they empower users. You’ve probably noticed this in places like airports. Airports used to be even more frustrating than they are now. Now, you may have to deal with long lines for security reasons, but 20 years ago, you had to deal with even longer lines just to check in. Airline kiosks empower travelers, in the same way that healthcare kiosks empower patients and their loved ones.

Healthcare Kiosks and Empowered Patients

How can healthcare kiosks help patients feel more in control of their health and treatments? They can help patients navigate their way around a large hospital. They can give users access to their schedules, such as the schedule of their treatments. They can provide drug information, health screening, and information about support groups.

How can these kiosks help healthcare providers and administrators? They help sell flowers and other gifts, via eCommerce. They provide physicians with online diagnostic information. These kiosks can help hospitals recruit employees or participants for clinical trials. They can also be used to simply advertise. At a time when so many hospitals are going bankrupt, these little money-makers can help tremendously.


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