Fighting Chronic Illness – Be Patient With Critical Loved Ones

Remaining positive through chronic illness makes you look like you’re all better when you feel like you’re done for. So, try not to get too upset with friends and family when they expect you to be “normal”. They don’t understand what you’re going through. Believe it or not, that’s a good thing. It means they don’t have to suffer like you do. Isn’t that great?

Remember they can’t feel your pain.

Do you have critics among your friends and family? You know, those people who insist that you’re faking? They may speak badly about you to others. They may even make you the subject of their jokes. Try to keep in mind that the nature of your illness makes it invisible to some. Try to explain that while you feel wonderful on occasion, it’s not the norm. Tell them about how you purposely don’t speak of your pain out of consideration.

What if they still don’t believe you?

Well, then, it’s sad to say. Still, you may have to leave them behind until they can treat you with respect and consideration. Try not to do it in a mean spirited manner. Think of it as a gesture of kindness and peace for both of you. Remain a loving friend. Just don’t spend so much time with them. Stay away from situations, places or conversations that exacerbate your disagreements. You’ll both be happier until things change.

Be glad of their good health, rather than resentful.

When the people in your life don’t understand your chronic illness, pain or mood swings, try not to let it anger you. Be happy they will never know what it’s like to be chronically ill. Be happy they don’t have your daily struggles. Remain of good character, despite their ill will toward you. Try to see their side of things. They are so lucky they don’t know what chronic illness is like. If you love them, you should be glad of that.

What if you already blew up?

You can’t take it back. All you can do is apologize, mend your ways and move forward.

Avoid comparisons.

Despite the fact that your loved ones are not chronically ill, they have their own struggles to deal with. No one has a perfect life. Maybe they’re angry about something else. Maybe dealing with your illness is overwhelming for them because they have their own issues. Be as considerate of your loved ones as you expect them to be of you.


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