Healthcare Kiosks

Healthcare kiosks are a blessing to patients and their families. Hospitals and health clinics can be extremely confusing places. They can leave otherwise intelligent and independent adults confused in so many different ways, even simply about how to get to a specific part of the building.

One of the great things about self service kiosks …

Compliance Software For Healthcare

On July 21, 1996, President Bill Clinton signed into law the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The objective of the regulations was to ensure that all employees were covered by healthcare insurance, reduce healthcare fraud and abuse, simplify and standardize healthcare administrative tasks and protect the privacy of the patient’s healthcare information. Contained …

Healthcare Speakers

Healthcare is one of the most important topics in America today and healthcare speakers are more in demand than ever before. Whether you are seeking a healthcare speaker for your hospital, company insurance plan, conference or event, there are many ways to find the right healthcare speaker for your event. The process may require you …

Healthcare Real Estate Fund Structure

Healthcare Real Estate is basically any property hosting healthcare facilities. This includes complete range of services provider and their real estate needs. In brief it can be hospital real estate, pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, research center, clinics, laboratories facilities, and senior living , assisted living homes, home care, diagnostic, special zone and research center, clinics.