Crestor, CRP, and Inflammation: Should Everyone Have Their C-Reactive Protein Checked?

A new study has demonstrated that Crestor, one of several “statin” drugs on the market, effects a 50% reduction in the risk of heart attack for people who exhibit signs of inflammation in their arteries.

The connection between inflammation and symptomatic coronary artery disease is not new. In the mid-1990’s, researchers discovered evidence of inflammation …

Child Health – Childhood Obesity is an Entry to Chronic Diseases

Long known to radically increase the threat of particular chronic health situations later in life, childhood obesity also has severe and direct health consequences, according to a recent study published in Academic Pediatrics and conducted by researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Obesity or fatness is normally considered as a condition associated to …

Taking the Flame Out of Arthritis Inflammation: Learn More about Joint Diseases

Medication plays a huge part in reducing the physical pain associated with arthritis but does very little for the emotional and social impacts of the disease. Formal physical therapy may be ordered for certain cases but people with arthritis are told that some level of physical activity is needed to maintain mobility and flexibility.


What is the Cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Past Research Invalidated

Those suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome have frequently experienced a painful stigma from society. Because the syndrome had no known cause, despite study from the medical community, and revolved around complaints of unceasing tiredness, many criticized those complaining of the syndrome of being more like hypochondriacs than a victim of a physical disease. Now that …